You Can Heal with Holo-Fractal Healing

You Can Heal with Holo-Fractal Healing

holo-fractal healingThe word fractal comes from the Greek word Fractus and Fractals are the patterns the entire universe is made of on every level of existence. Take a look at any tree, galaxy, flower, broccoli, snow flakes….

What does the pattern of your life look like now?

What pattern would you like to create?

What if you could change your patterns and change the design?

Holo-Fractal Healing is the science and magic of fractals and quantum holographic theory applied to healing your life and body – fractals are patterns that are repeated on every scale imaginable ad infinitum. Imagine healing your whole life on that scale by designing your own pattern purposefully, intentionally what amazing, beautiful and joyous patterns could you create while you heal?

…and how would those beautiful patterns change the lives of those around you?

Holography exists in the fractal expression of the cells in your body, holding your particular hologram and acting together to create your reality, including your life, the expression of your physical body in any given moment (how you feel), and your ability to heal. Holographic Universe theory is substantiated by many of the worlds top physicists and basically says that the whole universe is created out of an energy field of information. What you see is either created out of the larger fractal of the mutually agreed collective reality or the more subjective smaller fractal of your own perspectives and expectations.

Flowing together in what Bohm describes as the ‘undivided wholeness’ which can enfold (make more concrete) or unfold and so return to a state of possibility at any given time – a little like an iceburg forming from the sea and then melting back into the sea ready to freeze once again into a new shape or pattern.

Are you beginning to see the pattern?

Essentially when we work with the universe in the way the universe works we see an overall continuing pattern of creation and destruction made easier to understand by Bohm’s ‘enfoldment’ principle which he later called ‘Holomovement.’ As in reality as far as the universe is concerned energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it merely breaks down and ‘melts’ back into the energy sea once again and is therefore ready to be created or unfolded into something fresh or new.

What does all this mean for you and your healing potential? Basically the good news is your ability to heal at the quantum/fractal level of your existence and the more tangible/fractal (physical body) level of your existence is infinite, unlimited, eternal and infinitely possible.

It takes persistence to change the patterns of a lifetime, it takes a readiness and openness to live the new patterns without defaulting back to the old grooves laid over your life, and it can be done!

Each new choice and each new decision about yourself, your life, your reality and what’s possible for you creates a chain reaction spinning off into a new colour, new grooves and new patterns. Fractals tell us that when we change one thing this change affects all the other areas of our life in greater or lesser degrees and these small incremental changes are the patterns that forge our new, improved lives, new healing paradigms and new reality.

Healing is as easy as letting go of the patterns holding us in place, making a decision and commitment to heal and then following that course. I promise you total healing can take place in an instant, the instant we decide to let go of all our programmed conditioned beliefs, expectations, habitual emotional reactions and thought patterns. Yes, it’s that easy.

Most of us though do not heal this quickly, as the habits of a lifetime can take a little climbing out of, some of those grooves run pretty deep. It must be said again though that they are just patterns worn down into grooves through continual use and can be changed.

Ask yourself the questions I have listed above, and start to imagine the new pattern you are ready to create, feel how wonderful your life will be as that new pattern emerges from your new choices and allow the old pattern to fade away…

You can heal, I know you can because I did.

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