Social Strategics – Followers into Customers Part 2

convert_customers400“What kinds of posts can I use on my business page to turn followers and Likers into customers?”

This is one question I get asked all the time and the key is to be interesting, authentic and build engagement through validation of your customers.

Build trust – via behind the scenes peeks into personality and personal life, values, look at your services or products in use, happy customer testimonials,

If you take the statement that ‘people do business with people they know, like and trust’, as true then you can see trust is very important. Trust is hard to build and easy to lose, so creating and keeping trust is absolutely essential.

Building trust can take time but there are ways to showcase who you really are in ways that help build trust more quickly using social media. There are times when I meet someone for the first time in real life, one of the greatest compliments I get regularly is that I am exactly who these Facebook or Twitter friends expected me to be. In other words my online persona is no different from my face to face personality.

Authenticity is key here when you are truly authentic there is a seamlessness in the conversations that move from online into face to face or presentations, you are who your audience expects you to be and instantly that authenticity creates trust.

Now for a list of ways you can do this online before you meet your customers face to face in ways that will help them see not only your authenticity but also how you and your products and services can benefit their lives.

‘Behind the Scenes’ – these posts can be written, images or video of you using your own products in interesting ways, – have you seen the ‘Will it Blend?” Campaign, or explaining why you are using them in your own home or business, or of you in session with a client of course the client will have to be someone who is prepared for their session to be seen on video in the public arena (don’t forget to ask them to sign a waiver), or show pics of you in your workplace, or on stage doing a presentation, did you get flowers in the office today? Why not ask your audience or clients to show how they use the product, or service? Ask them for their fav recipe if you are a nutritionist and post it on your business page. Or did something unusual happen today? See pic of Kris – fall. Take a pic and upload it share the love! What about when you are out having coffee with a client? Take a pic (with their permission) and upload it immediately. Allow your audience into your life in ways that help promote your brand and culture of your business.

Showoff your Values – every one of us have values and we all definitely have opinions about life and what’s important to us; odds are those same values and opinions are also important to your audience. Put yourself out there, get off the fence (within reason of course), even if your audience has a different view it starts some fabulous viral discussions and shows you where your listeners are sitting too (fab research into their mindset to help you create products, services and marketing message for future use).

Customer testimonials – I cannot overestimate the value of genuine customer testimonials, these days written testimonials are viewed with some distrust as they can be faked, video is great and screen capturing any posts from clients on your social media are good too, these are trusted sources in today’s world. Encourage your clients to share their testimonials by rewarding those who do in some way. Put them on your website, rotate them as posts on your pages and profiles, and create a photo folder of them on your Page. Encourage reviews on your social media if you can as well. One caveat though, be on the lookout for Trolls though who will often take the chance to leave poor reviews even though they have never been anywhere near you as a client.

Value added offers – This is not a “would you like fries with that” campaign, here we are talking about offering real, tangible, genuine, added value. What can you offer for free that will make your engaged community go “WOW!!”? It should offer them an “AHA” moment, give them an insight into the depth of your knowledge and commitment to offer them value in ALL your interactions with them. In your audiences mind you want them asking themselves, if he/she is willing to tell me this for free what more could I learn if I became a customer?

Conversation and Connection: use conversation starters like

  • questions that you know your audience really want to know the answers to and give answers that make them go WOW!
  • offer insights that you know your audience is craving without giving away the whole show
  • care about their lives, imagine social media is a permanent, ongoing networking party now go chat and have day to day person to person conversations
  • have an opinion, put it out there, voice it when you love something, voice it when you have an opinion about something, voice it when you see injustice, allow your audience to see you in your opinions, if you don’t have a voice no-one will listen
  • show off your favourite quotes, photo’s of you on the job, or with people in your industry, or at a networking function, your fav coffee place, walking on your favourite beach
  • show them you have values by standing up for others, by being filled with integrity, show what you will stand for and what you won’t, do not try to be everybody’s friend, if you have a troll give them only one chance to improve their language or their opinion and then block them, you are showing everyone what you will and will not stand for and this makes your true audience feel safer with you.
  • engage with others posts, if you see something you have an opinion on, if you see someone being brave, if you see something you just want to add to or comment on do it.

Now use all of these to lead into sales via ‘recommendation enders’… you want your audience to become not just customers but valued advocates. This is where the magic really begins.

What is a recommendation ender?

nowthatIhaveyourattention67889398253_2082741353_n“SEX! Now that I have your attention, we have pumpkins for sale” a sign that I saw out on a farm fence many years ago, made me laugh and look, it got my attention and the last part of that sentence is what I like to call a ‘recommendation ender.’

Of course there are so many more subtle  and more aligned ways to do this, but this example gets the idea across perfectly and it might be one you want to use yourself just because it is now well recognised and brings a smile to your audiences face.

However, if this is not you, it might be time to try one of these segue’s instead.

After you answer a question posed to you or ask a question of your audience yourself, try something like one of these:

  • If your business or you need to know more about this I am offering…
  • If it is time for you to solve this ‘problem’, ‘challenge’, I highly recommend this product.
  • When I am doing this for myself at home, or In my own business I have found this product to be perfect for my needs so I now stock them, grab one today from this link.
  • I use this product myself, get one for yourself/ your business today on this link, I know I can’t live without mine.
  • I had to learn the hard way, I am offering you the benefits of all my experience and learning at this workshop, seminar.
  • I loved what I learned about life/business/healing so much that I have condensed it all into a workshop, seminar for you…

You get the idea, don’t sell recommend just as you would any coffee shop, hairdresser etc.. you love, see previous Social Strategics post.