Observing the Truth and Staying Aware

Recently I put a post out on Facebook, a video that questioned the facts around a recent “act of terrorism” claiming the these acts were perpetrated by the countries own government to instill fear into the populace. The comment I made prefacing the video was this:

“I tend to believe in the obvious fact that terrorism is used and even manufactured by our governments to keep us docile along with lots of other events and habits that are encouraged by them to keep us looking away while they enact a slight of hand over there. I wonder about all this controversy about the Bombing what are your thoughts?”

I had a number of comments on the post, those that agreed, those that upped the ante and were very outspoken and some that asked me to not perpetrate the fear..

My purpose in posting things like this is always about awareness, as I don’t believe in fear. I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist without the emotional attachment of many who question the events of our lives and what’s really going on. I see many events that I believe are not what they seem, not at all. I also trust that having an awareness that we are being lied to, when enacted in line with the quantum observer effect will actually change the world. Let me explain:

The observer effect states that we can observe actions, events and effects in our universe without attachment to the outcome, yet Heisenberg also said that the very act of observing changes things, there is no way around it. We affect our world with the mere act of observing.

So my point it we need to be aware, we need to observe and we need to awaken others and open their minds WITHOUT becoming a part of the problem. Without becoming fearful, or angry just observing and being aware of the truth with a clear heart and mind.

There is no need to react and become angry about this, it just is and by not adding more fear and anger to those who do what they do out of fear and a need to control, and all controlling behaviour is born out of fear, we subtly diffuse the situation, it is a scientific fact.

We can even go one step further, and be like Nelson Mandela and Ghandi who not only observed what was really going on around them, they stood up for their rights without fear and anger themselves. They paved the way for the rest of us to stand toe to toe and refuse to react but rather stand up together and speak out in love for the planet and its people for a better way of life for all of us.

To see the truth and love the world enough to breathe love in and out while watching the actions of those who peddle and do their best to create fear in order to control.

I wonder what would happen, if enough of us just observed and did not buy into the fear in any way, if we chose not to allow ourselves to be controlled or our lives to be changed by either side of the issue, if we were all like Switzerland and stand only for peace and love.

I am not advocating that we imagine things will change over night. I am saying though if enough of us said a quiet no, and said I choose not to allow you to change the way I am in the world. I choose to stay true to my way of life, I refuse to ‘fight’ your wars, to divide myself from my fellow man just because there is a plot of land you say I must defend.

If enough of us say I choose to live peacefully no matter what you say, I choose to live a loving life, and come from that place, can you see that those who hold the power would lose all power? If enough of us realise that anything we give emotion to and focus on grows, what if we just observed and had no emotion around it – it just is. If we helped to awaken those who are still asleep and asked them to do the same, to awaken and observe. If we went about our lives, speaking out and being fully awakened, choosing our thoughts and actions without being led by the nose by the fear they want to instill in us.

The only reason there are terrorists is because we react in terror, no terror no terrorists. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, another scientific fact, so for every act of war there is another act of war, how can this possibly change things? What if for every act of aggression we sent love without acting like doormats. Peacefulness doesn’t mean weakness.

One last scientific fact for you is the reality that you and I are one, so for every act of aggression and hate, you are in fact hurting and hating yourself… think about it.

In the Silence You Can Hear.. YOU

girl-solitudeIt’s funny isn’t it? How we can yearn for silence and solitude in this noisy, people filled world and yet when we are given just that some of us feel threatened. We don’t know exactly what we are afraid of we just know we are afraid.

This week I was speaking on Skype to New Zealand to a woman who is a serial monogamist, one partner after another with hardly any time in between to reset her own priorities. She finally rang me because she had a panic attack at the airport after the plane that was taking her daughters family to Australia left.

Yes, finally after months of preparations, weeks of them staying with her in preparation to emigrate to Australia she was in silence. A silence that hung over her like a cloud of doom even before she could get into her car to drive home to her empty house.

What made things much worse is that this lovely soul was also between partners at the moment, so she truly felt lost and alone and the dread of being alone put her into a full panic.

Why? Why do some of us dread alone time? Why do grown people who know there are no monsters under our beds feel such fear about being alone in an empty house? I have seen this a lot in my life.

Oriah in her original poem ‘The Invitation’ asks the same question:

“It doesn’t interest me where or what or with whom you have studied. I want to know what sustains you, from the inside, when all else falls away. I want to know if you can be alone with yourself and if you truly like the company you keep in the empty moments.”

This is just how pervasive this question is?

Being alone means we have no way to distract ourselves from our thoughts, no way to cover the mirror that shows us so starkly who we really are, no way to mask the emotions we have been keeping at bay, and no way to allow the deep stillness to invade our souls and open us up to all that we have been hiding from.

The answer my lovelies, is to allow. Please spend the time allowing all the monsters you are so afraid of to come into the light, get to know them intimately, befriend them and learn to love them. I promise this is the most healing thing you can do for yourself because as you connect, engage and learn more about your monsters you will find that they just need to be acknowledged and loved to turn into powerful allies you didn’t even know you had.

The source of our greatest power, is the very things we hide from. Those emotions, thoughts and memories we are hiding from are in fact our shadow side, the unacknowledged moments we believe we are too weak to deal with that when brought into the light are actually the source of our greatest learnings and biggest shifts, they then become our friends and form the basis of a new way of living and being in the world that guide us along different and more powerful paths to our future.

Instead of wandering around and around the same well trodden paths that lead us no-where, we will find ourselves on newer, fresher journeys filled with new adventures and new learnings, more motivated and emPOWERED than we have ever felt before. A new joy-filled energy will see us choosing new friends and loving the silence and solitude so much that we seek it every day just to reconnect with the most important person in our lived – ourselves!

This is the very first step in your evolYOUtion – take it today. I promise once you have allowed what is and was to just be, allowed your fears to settle and diminish and made friends with yourself and your past – magic will happen!

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Body

Psycho Neuro ImmunologyChanging your thoughts can actually change how your brain communicates with the rest of your body, thereby altering the body’s biochemistry.

Yes! it’s really true. Psych-oneuro-immunology for PNI, first pioneered by medical researchers like Candice Pert proves that our physical bodies are governed by the chemistry our body creates from our thoughts. These chemical cocktails made up of different neurotransmitters then filter down changing our body chemistry depending on the chemical make up of them, negative, depressive thoughts create chemical cocktails that alter the cells in our bodies and made them more acidic creating inflammation which leads to disease. Positive thought patterns have the opposite healing effect in our bodies.

The research has moved into areas never thought of as pertinent to disease, creating new fields of research like Psycho Neuro Endocrinology, or the science of our our thought patterns and perceptions change our bodies hormones.

The Work of Bruce Lipton

In his bench research as a cell biologist, Bruce Lipton worked with pleuripotential stem cells, cells that can become anything when they grow up. He placed one cell in a Petri dish, where it was nourished with cell culture medium, as it divided into many genetically identical cells. Dr. Lipton then split the cells into three Petri dishes and exposed them to three different culture mediums (the environment).

What he discovered is that the environment to which the cell was exposed determined whether the cell became a muscle cell or a fat cell or a bone cell. Even though all the cells were genetically identical, they expressed themselves differently. The final outcome of the same genetically identical DNA was expressed as radically different cells.

What controlled the fate of the cells? Not the genetics. They were all genetically identical. The sole difference was the environment to which the same DNA was exposed. The cellular environment also determined whether or not the cells stayed healthy. Cells exposed to a “good” environment (a healthy cell medium) enjoyed optimal health, while those exposed to a “bad” environment (an unhealthy cell medium), got sick.

Dr. Lipton realized that if here were an allopathic physician of cells, he’d diagnose the cells in the bad medium as sick. Surely, they’d need medicine. But that’s not really what the cells needed, because if you take the sick cells out of the bad environment and put them back into the good environment, they naturally recover—without medicine.

One day, as he was observing the cells in his lab, Dr. Lipton had an epiphany. He realized that the human body is no different than the cells in his lab, that human beings are nothing more than skin-covered Petri dishes with a community of 50 trillion cells. Whether the cells are in our bodies or in the Petri dish doesn’t matter. When our cells get sick, the solution is often not drugs- it’s change the cellular environment. How?

By changing your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings from negative ones to positive ones, thereby changing the hormonal environment the cells bathe in…

How does knowing this change the way you think about your ability to heal? and about the kinds of thoughts that predominate your thought patterns on a daily basis? When you think that we have anything up to around 80,000 thoughts a day and that approximately 85% of those go unnoticed by us as habitual thought patterns, it could be time to become aware of our self talk and decide to change it toward healthier, more positive habits of thought.

Consequences of Maintainng a Facade of Perfection

screen-shot-2012-05-15-at-15-40-37I am going to tell you a story, a story about someone I have met and who over the time that I have known them has cemented my beliefs about the facade of perfection.

The person, is so manically wrapped up in their looks that their whole life is affected by one drama after the other, day in day out. This facade of perfection is very centered on this person’s looks, only the correct photographs can be allowed to be seen, only those photo’s that are exactly right according to this persons own view of perfection. Only the correct (perfect) shots of video can be used, so all usable video of this person loving what they do are clipped away and edited until nothing of the joy and fun is left in the video.

This person would rather offend everyone around them, than admit they were wrong, they would rather commit an act of aggression  and betrayal, without thinking things through and hurt others in their sphere than retract their aggressive words even when it has been proved that the person they accused of wrong doing was correct after all. This person is so wrapped up in appearing perfect in their looks and the look of their brand, they have forgotten that actions speak so much louder than words and their life is one perpetual run of drama and anger.

I feel so very sorry for this person who has yet to figure out how much better her life could be, I know that this person has missed out on huge opportunities offered just so they never hand over any control. Opportunities you and I would give so much to have offered to us, the kind of thing that can take you from wannabe to star. But for this person losing even I jot of control cannot be handled and so this amazing opportunity has passed them by.

All I know is I wouldn’t like to be them, nor live this way.

For me it is so much more important to be authentic, integrity and honesty are way more important than maintaining some exhausting charade of perfection, even if that means I have to admit I am wrong, that I am not pretty and have photo’s up of me making faces – which happens often.

The first thing I will say about all this is perfection is over-rated. Even if you are a brand, and like a movie star your looks are important to your earning power striving for perfection will lose you more fans or customers than being human will. People crave to connect and to connect they must feel they have something in common with the person. Authenticity and being real are more important even to fans of movie stars that all the beauty in the world, if not then why would all those interviews be watched so avidly by their fans?

Let’s break this back down to our level as I am not a star, and nor are you probably, and the person whose story is what this post is about certainly is not either.I too understand that my brand is me, and I love being on stage doing what I do, inspiring people, pictures in magazines and newspapers, video, radio interviews, television interviews etc.. and yes all these have happened for me over the past 20 years. Yet for me looking perfect and acting as if I can do no wrong would feel so inauthentic to me and separate me from the very people I want to 130534089170733124acJmD8T9cinspire. Far better to be who I am in all my imperfect funny face making glory, and humanity than to aspire to pretend I am somehow infallible or pretend that I look great in every moment.

Because just like every other human on this planet I get dirty cleaning my oven, I go without make up in bed, I screw up, say the wrong thing, I hiccup, sneeze and burp and like every human on the planet I prefer people who are kind, who inspire me and who love me to people who pretend to be something they are not.

So what does striving for perfection mean for you, me and this lost lovely who inspired my post today?

Striving for perfection means you are also striving to dissociate from who you are, it means to me you dislike yourself so much you are willing to stand in boiling water than let anyone know you are human and boiling water isn’t fun. In fact it hurts and that hurt shows in your eyes and actions and can be seen no matter how much make up you add or how harshly you criticise your image.

The funny thing is, is that you are probably the only one who cares, people don’t think about you that often and when they do, they don’t mind if you have a hair out of place, or a crooked smile, the only care how you make them feel.

Do me a favour drop the facade, drop the drama and just be real you will win more fans and have the bonus of a much happier life.

The Difference Between Likers or Followers and Listeners

Likers or ListenersThis is a requested post about the reasons people try to get more Likers on Facebook. The reasons behind this are of course the idea that the more Likers you have on your page, the more people you can market your products and/or services to. However, there is a lot more to this tactic than meets the eye.

For your business page on Facebook to be successful you obviously need Likers, the question is Likers at any cost? There are places you can buy Likers for your pages, there are loads of other tactics and strategies to get more Likers for your page including asking your friends, business acquaintances and others to Like your page. But if these people aren’t listening to you, commenting, sharing, liking and interacting with your brand then my question to you is what is the point?

So you are far better to go for Listeners, listeners actually want to know more about your brand and your business, products and/or services. They are interested in your marketing messages and expertise, they listen, engage with your posts, commenting, asking questions and sharing your posts to their friends as well as the ubiquitous liking your posts and comments. In other words they care and in return you care about them, a mutual admiration society so to speak.

This is one area it is important for you to go for quality rather than quality. Now you may be ready to argue with me on this point, believing as many do, that having lots of Likers makes you look more successful.

This is where we need to chat about Facebook algorithms.

Facebook Algorithms, Edgerank and News Feed Optimisation:

The very first thing you need to know is about the Facebook algorithms for your page which work in ways that punish pages that have little or no interaction. What? What did you say?

So your Edgerank (time you are allow to appear on your Likers walls and stay there) is directly affected if you have a lot of Likers and only a few people interacting and engaging on your page, because the algorithms work on a percentage basis. This means your News Feed Optimisation is negatively affected by your lust for a quantity of Likers with a low percentage of engagement.

When if you had gone after quality Likers or Listeners as I am calling them here, your reach and power would be positively affected by the amount of engagement on your page in relation to the amount of Likers. It’s all about percentages you see.

So a lower population of highly engaged Likers leads to more staying power on the Newsfeeds of your Likers and their friends of friends depending on each persons personal privacy settings. This means more reach for longer.

Now how do you feel about my premise that you need quality Listeners even if it takes longer to build your total Liker population? Are you starting to see the practicality of learning how to engage, converse and connect with your market in ways that gives social proof to each of your marketing messages and conversations?

So Annie How Do I Get More Listeners?

Engagement is the key.

Start highly topical conversations using questions, statements, videos and images. Share great information even if it comes from another site or from someone else straight off your Facebook News Feed. Keep an eye on what kinds of conversations are most important to your listeners by checking on the amount of engagement each one gets and post more of those kinds of conversations.

It’s a little like being at a networking gathering some conversations go nowhere, some fall flat and others take off and gather a larger group making the conversation lively and fun. Images and videos often work extremely well although the less wording and the shorter the video the higher the engagement.

Know your market, know what keeps them up at night, know what worries them, know what their big questions are, know what is important to them and know what makes them happy all within your niche us all this knowledge to start and continue relevant conversations with your Likers.

Have a point of view and an opinion, be controversial if you are – it doesn’t matter if it is not the normal point of view, just have one and share it with your Likers, if someone disagrees it can lead to some amazing conversations around that topic on your page. Above all be authentic about all this don’t play devils advocate unless it is truthful about you and your beliefs. Don’t just be controversial for controversy’s sake.

Ask questions social media is a great way to do some market research and find out what’s important to your market, what trending now in the minds and conversations your market is having about your area of expertise.

Now go out there and have those wonderful, important conversations, inspire your market to Like your page because they want to hear and engage with you and your brand. Remember people do business with people. People they know and like, really like which leads to trust and of course sales and loyalty. Let me know how you go with it all.

The Magic of Nothing and Zero

creating in the voidAre you like most people and feel so stressed when things are chaotic in your life?

Are there times when you feel as though you have accomplished nothing, have nothing, are nothing?

You’re not alone, most of us at one time or another have felt like this. when chaos happens in our lives it can feel as if the whole world is against us, nothing works the way it should and it can be so hard to wrap our minds around the changes needed to cope with the world shifting under our feet.

“STOP! the world I want to get off!”

Can I make a suggestion?

Instead of asking the world to stop, in times like this, YOU need to stop.

Stop and take stock of what you are doing, how you are feeling, and what is happening in your life. Most of all find out what you are feeling, after you allow the stress of the chaos in your life to fall from your shoulders > what is left?

You just might find out that you are heading down a path that really feels wrong for you. Often we ignore the warning signs by being ever so logical and practical, “Oh no,” we say to ourselves, “this is the most sensible thing for me to be doing.” Even when we feel unhappy, even when we feel we are getting nowhere, we keep going for many reasons: it is a logical thing to do, it is a practical thing to do, all our friends tell us we are on the ‘right’ track, our family approves….

Chaos and zero come into our lives for a reason, to tell us we need change.. how do I know this? Let me tell you the story of the science, magic and truth of chaos and zero (psst I love telling stories lol):

Zero – Most people think of the number zero, as meaning nothing and nothing to most people means there is nothing to work with, nothing there. However to a pure mathematician, zero is the number of pure potential, at zero nothing has been decided, and everything is possible, you can go into the negative or you could go into the positive it is up to you. So zero has not really taken anything away from you, quite the opposite, it has given everything back. Your power to choose.

Zero is not just a number it is a placeholder for pure potential. Did you know that zero was not always part of the number system. In fact it was only discovered through it’s use as a place marker between positive numbers and negative numbers.

It was not until Pythagorus studied infinity that zero’s potential began to be realised and even he believed that infinity had a limit that was then taken over by the concept of God. This idea was later rejected and the idea of a limitless void was embraced. Zero became an emblem of the new teachings, the rejection of the limits of the universe and the acceptance of the void and the infinite.

For those who love Math, here is the math of zero’s basic behaviour to prove my point: Any number multiplied by zero is consumed by it. 5 x 0 = 0

Zero is the only number that can be divided by any other number and still produce a whole number, (which will always be zero). 0 / 978465 = 0

Zero is the only number that cannot divide any other number. This is a calculation that is said to be unworkable in math. When a number is divided by zero, the answer given is infinity. 5 / 0 = infinity. (When 20 / 5, the question is: How many times can 5 be taken away from 20? The answer is 4. If 20 / 0, then: How many times can 0 be taken away from 20? The answer is infinitely.)

Chaos – The scientific definition of chaos is, “The disordered state of unformed matter and infinite space supposed in some cosmogonic views to have existed before the ordered universe. A state of disorder which is governed by simple and precise laws, but where the outcome is unpredictable and may change greatly with slight variations in starting conditions.”

Interestingly nowhere does is say that chaos is a bad thing, in fact if you look at the definition is mentions “unformed matter,” and “governed by simple and precise laws,” and “outcome is unpredictable,” or ‘ultimate potential.”

Chaos Theory is applied scientifically to systems that can be unpredictable like the weather, and it was found (by a scientist named Lorenz) that chaos was really a kind of order that kept the system in balance. If fact the concept of fractals comes out of this research too.

Chaos is how systems keep balance? Yes, it is. When a system does the same thing over and over again it will (scientifically) eventually wind down into entropy, a state of confusion followed either by collapse or renewal. Chaos is part of the natural process by which living systems renew and revitalize themselves. As a creative force, chaos helps to create new levels of order, new environments, and new outcomes.

The flapping of a single butterfly’s wing today produces a tiny change in the state of the atmosphere. Over a period of time, what the atmosphere actually does diverges from what it would have done. So, in a month’s time, a tornado that would have devastated the Indonesian coast doesn’t happen. Or maybe one that wasn’t going to happen, does. (Ian Stewart, Does God Play Dice? The Mathematics of Chaos, pg. 141)

This phenomenon, common to chaos theory, is also known as sensitive dependence on initial conditions. Just a small change in the initial conditions can drastically change the long-term behavior of a system.

So again we come to a definition of chaos that releases us from standard daily outcomes and puts us into a state of potential – the potential to choose a new outcome, the potential to release us from a life that is unfulfilled and unsatisfying. The pure potential to make a small change that results eventually in our lives never being the same again (butterfly effect).

Ignoring these signs might mean that the confusion in your life is followed by collapse. If you understand what is happening and use this state as a chance to make new choices and decisions, this will lead to renewal.

Tapping into the magic of Zero and infinite potential:

Sit quietly and breathe gently in and out, focusing only on the sound and feeling of your gentle breathing until you feel a sense of peace. Now imagine nothing but a black screen on which you begin to draw in colours, shapes, sounds, feelings, and experiences. This black infinite canvass is yours to decorate, yours to create in any way you want to… if you decide something doesn’t fit this infinite black void is so easy to erase, just concentrate on the area you want to start fresh on and say the words “Be gone” once the area is black and filled again with nothing you can start fresh – how easy is that?

This is your Magic Zero Matrix Void ready for you to come back as often as you like to create something new, erase something that no longer fits and to play with in any way you like. Play with the joy you feel as you add colour, sounds, feelings and experiences to your life, smile widely as you design something particularly playful. Breathe in the joy, love, fun, happiness and fulfillment you feel as you draw on that big black void.

What do you think of when you read this post? Does the truth about zero frighten you or energise you?

What amazing things are you going to do next as you play with your creative magic?