Observing the Truth and Staying Aware

Recently I put a post out on Facebook, a video that questioned the facts around a recent “act of terrorism” claiming the these acts were perpetrated by the countries own government to instill fear into the populace. The comment I made prefacing the video was this:

“I tend to believe in the obvious fact that terrorism is used and even manufactured by our governments to keep us docile along with lots of other events and habits that are encouraged by them to keep us looking away while they enact a slight of hand over there. I wonder about all this controversy about the Bombing what are your thoughts?”

I had a number of comments on the post, those that agreed, those that upped the ante and were very outspoken and some that asked me to not perpetrate the fear..

My purpose in posting things like this is always about awareness, as I don’t believe in fear. I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist without the emotional attachment of many who question the events of our lives and what’s really going on. I see many events that I believe are not what they seem, not at all. I also trust that having an awareness that we are being lied to, when enacted in line with the quantum observer effect will actually change the world. Let me explain:

The observer effect states that we can observe actions, events and effects in our universe without attachment to the outcome, yet Heisenberg also said that the very act of observing changes things, there is no way around it. We affect our world with the mere act of observing.

So my point it we need to be aware, we need to observe and we need to awaken others and open their minds WITHOUT becoming a part of the problem. Without becoming fearful, or angry just observing and being aware of the truth with a clear heart and mind.

There is no need to react and become angry about this, it just is and by not adding more fear and anger to those who do what they do out of fear and a need to control, and all controlling behaviour is born out of fear, we subtly diffuse the situation, it is a scientific fact.

We can even go one step further, and be like Nelson Mandela and Ghandi who not only observed what was really going on around them, they stood up for their rights without fear and anger themselves. They paved the way for the rest of us to stand toe to toe and refuse to react but rather stand up together and speak out in love for the planet and its people for a better way of life for all of us.

To see the truth and love the world enough to breathe love in and out while watching the actions of those who peddle and do their best to create fear in order to control.

I wonder what would happen, if enough of us just observed and did not buy into the fear in any way, if we chose not to allow ourselves to be controlled or our lives to be changed by either side of the issue, if we were all like Switzerland and stand only for peace and love.

I am not advocating that we imagine things will change over night. I am saying though if enough of us said a quiet no, and said I choose not to allow you to change the way I am in the world. I choose to stay true to my way of life, I refuse to ‘fight’ your wars, to divide myself from my fellow man just because there is a plot of land you say I must defend.

If enough of us say I choose to live peacefully no matter what you say, I choose to live a loving life, and come from that place, can you see that those who hold the power would lose all power? If enough of us realise that anything we give emotion to and focus on grows, what if we just observed and had no emotion around it – it just is. If we helped to awaken those who are still asleep and asked them to do the same, to awaken and observe. If we went about our lives, speaking out and being fully awakened, choosing our thoughts and actions without being led by the nose by the fear they want to instill in us.

The only reason there are terrorists is because we react in terror, no terror no terrorists. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, another scientific fact, so for every act of war there is another act of war, how can this possibly change things? What if for every act of aggression we sent love without acting like doormats. Peacefulness doesn’t mean weakness.

One last scientific fact for you is the reality that you and I are one, so for every act of aggression and hate, you are in fact hurting and hating yourself… think about it.