G.O.O.S. ing it! Getting Out of Stuck

get out of stuckI once had a teacher write on my report card, “Anne is bright and quiet but has no fire. She will never amount to anything.” he he well I proved him wrong didn’t I?

Loads of life experience later and after a long year of extremely long hours and hard work….

Recently I had to G.O.O.S. it! myself, to move away from this project I had put so much heart and soul into, so much of myself and had huge plans for and had so much potential.. that even as I was leaving the potential of what could be was tugging at me.

After spending all of last year helping to make tangible the potential of Pathways Wellness Centre, I had to admit it was just a project pit-stop that helped me to realise that I DO have it within me to take an idea and use my skills, talents, experience and education to create something with massive potential for success. What a ride! One I will be eternally grateful for.

I had to let go because it just wasn’t going to work out on any level no matter what I did, and I had to admit it to myself. There were just too many obstacles and no flow for me there any more and if I really, really admit the truth to myself, I knew it right from the beginning. You know that saying about people telling you ‘who they really are’ within the first few moments of meeting them and how you ought to listen to this and believe it first time. The same thing can be said of projects and opportunities, you can MAKE them work, but it is all just such hard work.

When you find yourself fighting with your team for even the simplest changes that you know are just good business, it’s time to re-evaluate everything. No flow, no go!

I want to hear about all the places you feel stuck in your life… Are you afraid of missing out on something if you leave? Are you stuck because of worrying about what others will think if you leave or unstick yourself? Are you fearful of what might happen if you leave or unstick yourself? Afraid of the unknown or even what success on your own terms might mean?

fear of mediocrityThese are the main reasons we become and stay stuck where we are, I am here to ask you if there is a part of you that is more afraid of mediocrity, more afraid of spending your whole life with your song unsung? Could you be motivated to G.O.O.S. it!

What if I told you that the world is waiting for you to awaken to your YOUnique magic and unleash it as a force for good? Think about it and get back to me

This note is just to let the universe know that I understand the lessons and am now ready for it to awaken to the big picture of my life for the universe to reveal it to me in ways that make my dreams come true. I am putting it out there that I am now ready for the doorway to my true purpose to open and reveal the infinite possibilities awaiting me.

Now I am on the threshold of something new and I don’t even know what it is yet, the freedom I feel is worth all the uncertainty, a new adventure is about to open it’s doors and I cannot wait. Better the freedom to sing my song than staying stuck in something that was creating so much angst and unhappiness don’t you think?