Change Your Thoughts Change Your Body

Psycho Neuro ImmunologyChanging your thoughts can actually change how your brain communicates with the rest of your body, thereby altering the body’s biochemistry.

Yes! it’s really true. Psych-oneuro-immunology for PNI, first pioneered by medical researchers like Candice Pert proves that our physical bodies are governed by the chemistry our body creates from our thoughts. These chemical cocktails made up of different neurotransmitters then filter down changing our body chemistry depending on the chemical make up of them, negative, depressive thoughts create chemical cocktails that alter the cells in our bodies and made them more acidic creating inflammation which leads to disease. Positive thought patterns have the opposite healing effect in our bodies.

The research has moved into areas never thought of as pertinent to disease, creating new fields of research like Psycho Neuro Endocrinology, or the science of our our thought patterns and perceptions change our bodies hormones.

The Work of Bruce Lipton

In his bench research as a cell biologist, Bruce Lipton worked with pleuripotential stem cells, cells that can become anything when they grow up. He placed one cell in a Petri dish, where it was nourished with cell culture medium, as it divided into many genetically identical cells. Dr. Lipton then split the cells into three Petri dishes and exposed them to three different culture mediums (the environment).

What he discovered is that the environment to which the cell was exposed determined whether the cell became a muscle cell or a fat cell or a bone cell. Even though all the cells were genetically identical, they expressed themselves differently. The final outcome of the same genetically identical DNA was expressed as radically different cells.

What controlled the fate of the cells? Not the genetics. They were all genetically identical. The sole difference was the environment to which the same DNA was exposed. The cellular environment also determined whether or not the cells stayed healthy. Cells exposed to a “good” environment (a healthy cell medium) enjoyed optimal health, while those exposed to a “bad” environment (an unhealthy cell medium), got sick.

Dr. Lipton realized that if here were an allopathic physician of cells, he’d diagnose the cells in the bad medium as sick. Surely, they’d need medicine. But that’s not really what the cells needed, because if you take the sick cells out of the bad environment and put them back into the good environment, they naturally recover—without medicine.

One day, as he was observing the cells in his lab, Dr. Lipton had an epiphany. He realized that the human body is no different than the cells in his lab, that human beings are nothing more than skin-covered Petri dishes with a community of 50 trillion cells. Whether the cells are in our bodies or in the Petri dish doesn’t matter. When our cells get sick, the solution is often not drugs- it’s change the cellular environment. How?

By changing your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings from negative ones to positive ones, thereby changing the hormonal environment the cells bathe in…

How does knowing this change the way you think about your ability to heal? and about the kinds of thoughts that predominate your thought patterns on a daily basis? When you think that we have anything up to around 80,000 thoughts a day and that approximately 85% of those go unnoticed by us as habitual thought patterns, it could be time to become aware of our self talk and decide to change it toward healthier, more positive habits of thought.