Are You Casting Spells by Default

07178353.interactive.aJust lately it has been brought home to me once again that we weave spells for ourselves and others every day. Whether you believe in witches or spells or magic you are a spell weaver and I would say very good at it from an early age. This is really the power and magic of what we believe to be true for us, patterning and conditioning from childhood and the things we tell ourselves about our life.

Think about it, how often have you heard a parent say to their child, “Careful, you’re not strong enough to do that.” “Careful you’ll catch a cold.” “Don’t even try it, you’re going to get hurt.” “Your going to fall” you know the kind of things I mean.

As we grow into adulthood, we hear that parental voice saying the same kinds of things over and over again until we believe them.’You can’t do that, you might fail.”You’re not clever enough to be successful at that.””You can’t have that.””Why even try.””You’re going to get sick.”.. “Our family just doesn’t act like that…” “Your mother had cancer.. your father had heart attack.. you’ll probably get them too.”..or one of the best I have ever heard, “I can never be too well it will make me sick.”

What spells do you cast and weave into your life?

Whatever you tell yourself, you are right! Have you heard that before?

Think about the things you accept as truth, because sure as I am sitting here typing this note to you, they will come true. However, this is all spell casting and all you need to do when you hear a spell is use the counter spell to prevent it coming true and there is always a counter spell. Of course spell casting is all about the words imbued with the magic of belief and emotion which makes them a self fulfilling prophecy. One of the reasons I rarely use my gifts to ‘read’ for others is my firm belief that I can alter or influence people in powerful ways because of their trust in what I am saying to them, when I do read for either ‘mediscanning’ or ‘what you need to know now’ I am very careful how I word what I say to my clients.

How to reverse default spell patterns

Now I want you to understand this works both ways:
If you catch yourself in a negative belief or pattern of thought (negative spell casting) STOP immediately and say out loud (to activate your power through the Amygdala of your brain using the power of sound),

“I take that back, what I meant to say was…” and replace it with a positive belief or pattern of thought you would like to have.

All too often the reverse is what happens by default as we get excited about a new project or idea and try to have a more positive habit of mind and then take it back with our usual default negative pattern as doubt creeps in to trip us up.

Beliefs and patterns of thought that do not serve our potential are created during our lifetime, mostly in our childhood by well meaning (sometimes not) people who have also been affected by those spells and sometimes the same spell has been cast on each succeeding generation by the ones that came before.

Isn’t it time to break the hold that those beliefs and patterns have in your life?

Break free and release your whole family including the generations past with just a few simple steps:

  1. Catch yourself in a negative thought or belief about yourself or your life
  2. Immediately cast a more powerful and positive spell to negate it by saying, “I take that back!’ in a firm voice and      following it up with the words, “What I meant to say is….”
  3. Immediately let it go and get on with your day.
  4. If you find a spell is particularly persistent, use the counter spell and finish it at the end with a strike of the hand making a clapping sound and the word, HO said in a forceful voice. (This presents the unconscious mind with a sound it recognizes as agreement and finality. It also gives a small shock to the subconscious that will equal whatever emotional shock embedded the old belief in the first place – so there is a kind of science behind these silly rituals).and think about the spells you weave around your children, family and friends I know I would much rather create beliefs and patterns of thought that say things like:

    “I know I can do anything if I put my mind and heart into it, I have infinite possibility in my life” because science says that at the quantum level we do!

    Now I know I have used words like spell casting and weaving in this note, however all this advice is very scientific and works through your brain filter called the Amygdala, and will work when put into practice. Give it a try and see if you can change your life for the better today. I believe that we all need to learn how to talk to ourselves and others so we can heal on every level including physical healing, emotional healing and mindfulness. How about you?