Getting Lost Could be Good for Business

lostfinding309475_450At the moment I am feeling a little lost and I have the time to remember what I loved doing without the trappings of making a living or paying bills, being a little bored does have it’s upside I remember loving spending time with trees and the ocean and getting lost in reverie and the feeling of loving the magic of nature.

I remember loving my sketching – reminder buy myself a sketchbook and pencils – I remember loving reading about the magic of how the universe really works at the magical quantum level and applying it to how my ‘real’ life works, I remember feeling magical and fulfilled just watching clouds go by and I remember the feeling of total accomplishment when something I said or did helped another to heal on some level, or changed their perspective and sparked a new light in their eyes… these are the things that are who I really am… not the marketer, business builder or busy person.

I remember I once knew that remembering these innerself truths was how I was supposed to make a living and pay my bills.. ok now for some more remembering I am making a list of things I loved doing when I am true to myself and then I will see what I can use to create a business.

I urge you to do the same just to see what you have forgotten about yourself – we all need to find ourselves again on a regular basis so that our vision stays true and our purpose fulfilled.

After all when we are on purpose and feeling joy and fulfillment our business grows and work is play and we all want that. So going back to basics is how we keep on track to our true vision and the life we have dreamed of having.