The Healing Decision

I have learned from experience that you can choose at any given moment to heal – ANYTHING! healisgreater1

Whether you are healing your body of a physical disease, allergy or accident or healing an emotional or mental challenge healing is possible and I understand how this happens through my own experiences, through medical and neuro science and the magic of quantum physics.

In fact you could heal a physical, emotional or mental challenge and find that your whole life changes completely, you might even find that you change jobs, or start your own business like I have and find yourself growing into a sense of purpose and into your innate potential, your entire life becomes a living joy that you just have to share with the rest of the world.

I often speak on stage about how I healed the Multiple Sclerosis that my doctors said would kill me and I talk about how it was a decision I made to heal myself and how I realised that I would have to heal my whole life to give my body the space, loving kindness and energy it needed to heal. I am no longer in wheelchair and most if not all of the scarring on the Myelin Sheath has all but disappeared so this is real healing not just remission.

This meant changing a lot about my life over about 10 years as I grew a little wiser and dug a little deeper into who I was, what I wanted from life and began to choose my beliefs and perceptions to ease the tension I held around the old ones conditioned into me by well meaning role models. I also had to find my joy, all those things that brought peace to my heart, a smile or laugh to my face, gratitude to my soul and love in my heart.

It was a soul journey this journey I made to heal myself.

Now when I find myself reacting to something whether that is a toxin, a person, place or experience I always ask myself why there is a reaction. At times the answer is as simple as remove yourself from this immediate area, or this is not a person or experience you need to prolong your connection with or it could mean there is something I need to heal.

Now to illustrate take my serious anaphylactic allergy to cats, so serious that if I was scratched by one in the past, I would have had about 10 minutes to get to a doctor with a large needle. To this day I do not know what the precipitating factor to this reaction to cute little felines, however I am a long way down the road to healing that reaction. Now I barely get itchy eyes when around any cat and I got there by making a healing decision about it:

Step 1. Have a conversation with myself about my reaction and decide it is time for it to go. In this conversation I cannot have any negative wording, I must not use words like not, no etc.. So I use empowering positive words like “I love cats and they love me” “I can feel the cat healing me” etc..

Step 2. When in the presence of the cats (or other allergic toxin) I have a healing conversation with it “Hi there we can be in the same space in loving harmony if you will help me to accept your healing presence.” It doesn’t matter whether the toxin is from something alive like a cat or airborn etc… you can have a conversation with it as the whole point of this is to heal yourself, it is your mind that will ‘hear’ and make sense of it and your energy that will manifest how well you have communicated. If it is a person you can have this conversation in your heart and mind.

For me most of the time in the early days the cats would very nicely leave the room or go into the back of the room and sit quietly while I was there, often much to the surprise of the owner. As my reactions dimmed and I became less reactive the cats would sit under my chair and eventually sit on my lap to prove to me they meant well, even cats that never, ever sat in laps, LOL.

To this day no cat has ever put their claws out around me.

Step 3 Always put myself in to a Theta meditative state around any toxin or allergen this way my body understands it is already in a healing state and so doesn’t react as much, as violently if at all. Now for most this takes a little training, but the easy answer for you is that this is a very calm, connected state of awareness and mindfulness similar to deep meditation.

Now these steps work and work amazingly well as long as you are prepared to do the work involved. All healing is about healing the ‘stuff’ around the dis-ease. Stuff is a very technical word, meaning the emotional charge or block that your innerself is trying to have a conversation with you about. More than likely your soul has been trying to have this conversation with you for a while and you haven’t been listening which is why your innerself had to find a way to get your attention.

This is why you have manifested an illness or reaction, think of it as a conversation starter. So your healing decision is always a decision to start communication the real reasons behind the dis-ease you are feeling.

What many people don’t realise is that instant miraculous healing is absolutely available to you, as long as you can instantly recognise and heal the emotional charge and the old ‘stuff’ around your illness in that instant. If you are anything like me, it can take a little while to get to the point of the conversation as there are often layers of ‘stuff’ to deal with and heal before you get to the root cause. A little like peeling that proverbial onion.

I want to be very clear about this, you MUST heal the stuff and the emotional charge and as you do your body will follow suit, it works every time as long as you are prepared to do the work, to follow the prompts, to shed things and people that need to be shed, to open new doors and close old ones, and to upset a few people along the way. There two questions I ask myself about stuff these days and that are:

“Does this person or experience grow me or slow me? Do I feel relaxed and happy or do I feel any tension around this?”

Now I know some of you are going to ask how can I heal my allergy to cats if I don’t know the original reason or precipitating factor that lead to it. This is the magic if the healing decision, there is no need to relive old stuff, go through old memories if you are listening to the conversation your body is trying to have with you about it. It will tell you all you need to know about it through the tension you feel around certain topics, what conversations you have more than once with real people you know over the next few days, in the words, colours, shapes and experience you have while you are healing, in the dreams and day dreams, and in the feelings you have about certain people or events. Stay in touch with your innerself and you will know what you need to delete and to have more of in your life, you will feel which path to take and which doors to close.

You must be brave as you will more than likely upset one or two people along with way, always, always leave them with love in your heart sending them on their way with gratitude for the lessons they taught you.

The healing decision is not always an easy path to take but like giving birth and adventurous journeys they are well worth it for the amazing experiences you have along the way and the unbelievable joy at the end.