In the Silence You Can Hear.. YOU

girl-solitudeIt’s funny isn’t it? How we can yearn for silence and solitude in this noisy, people filled world and yet when we are given just that some of us feel threatened. We don’t know exactly what we are afraid of we just know we are afraid.

This week I was speaking on Skype to New Zealand to a woman who is a serial monogamist, one partner after another with hardly any time in between to reset her own priorities. She finally rang me because she had a panic attack at the airport after the plane that was taking her daughters family to Australia left.

Yes, finally after months of preparations, weeks of them staying with her in preparation to emigrate to Australia she was in silence. A silence that hung over her like a cloud of doom even before she could get into her car to drive home to her empty house.

What made things much worse is that this lovely soul was also between partners at the moment, so she truly felt lost and alone and the dread of being alone put her into a full panic.

Why? Why do some of us dread alone time? Why do grown people who know there are no monsters under our beds feel such fear about being alone in an empty house? I have seen this a lot in my life.

Oriah in her original poem ‘The Invitation’ asks the same question:

“It doesn’t interest me where or what or with whom you have studied. I want to know what sustains you, from the inside, when all else falls away. I want to know if you can be alone with yourself and if you truly like the company you keep in the empty moments.”

This is just how pervasive this question is?

Being alone means we have no way to distract ourselves from our thoughts, no way to cover the mirror that shows us so starkly who we really are, no way to mask the emotions we have been keeping at bay, and no way to allow the deep stillness to invade our souls and open us up to all that we have been hiding from.

The answer my lovelies, is to allow. Please spend the time allowing all the monsters you are so afraid of to come into the light, get to know them intimately, befriend them and learn to love them. I promise this is the most healing thing you can do for yourself because as you connect, engage and learn more about your monsters you will find that they just need to be acknowledged and loved to turn into powerful allies you didn’t even know you had.

The source of our greatest power, is the very things we hide from. Those emotions, thoughts and memories we are hiding from are in fact our shadow side, the unacknowledged moments we believe we are too weak to deal with that when brought into the light are actually the source of our greatest learnings and biggest shifts, they then become our friends and form the basis of a new way of living and being in the world that guide us along different and more powerful paths to our future.

Instead of wandering around and around the same well trodden paths that lead us no-where, we will find ourselves on newer, fresher journeys filled with new adventures and new learnings, more motivated and emPOWERED than we have ever felt before. A new joy-filled energy will see us choosing new friends and loving the silence and solitude so much that we seek it every day just to reconnect with the most important person in our lived – ourselves!

This is the very first step in your evolYOUtion – take it today. I promise once you have allowed what is and was to just be, allowed your fears to settle and diminish and made friends with yourself and your past – magic will happen!

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Body

Psycho Neuro ImmunologyChanging your thoughts can actually change how your brain communicates with the rest of your body, thereby altering the body’s biochemistry.

Yes! it’s really true. Psych-oneuro-immunology for PNI, first pioneered by medical researchers like Candice Pert proves that our physical bodies are governed by the chemistry our body creates from our thoughts. These chemical cocktails made up of different neurotransmitters then filter down changing our body chemistry depending on the chemical make up of them, negative, depressive thoughts create chemical cocktails that alter the cells in our bodies and made them more acidic creating inflammation which leads to disease. Positive thought patterns have the opposite healing effect in our bodies.

The research has moved into areas never thought of as pertinent to disease, creating new fields of research like Psycho Neuro Endocrinology, or the science of our our thought patterns and perceptions change our bodies hormones.

The Work of Bruce Lipton

In his bench research as a cell biologist, Bruce Lipton worked with pleuripotential stem cells, cells that can become anything when they grow up. He placed one cell in a Petri dish, where it was nourished with cell culture medium, as it divided into many genetically identical cells. Dr. Lipton then split the cells into three Petri dishes and exposed them to three different culture mediums (the environment).

What he discovered is that the environment to which the cell was exposed determined whether the cell became a muscle cell or a fat cell or a bone cell. Even though all the cells were genetically identical, they expressed themselves differently. The final outcome of the same genetically identical DNA was expressed as radically different cells.

What controlled the fate of the cells? Not the genetics. They were all genetically identical. The sole difference was the environment to which the same DNA was exposed. The cellular environment also determined whether or not the cells stayed healthy. Cells exposed to a “good” environment (a healthy cell medium) enjoyed optimal health, while those exposed to a “bad” environment (an unhealthy cell medium), got sick.

Dr. Lipton realized that if here were an allopathic physician of cells, he’d diagnose the cells in the bad medium as sick. Surely, they’d need medicine. But that’s not really what the cells needed, because if you take the sick cells out of the bad environment and put them back into the good environment, they naturally recover—without medicine.

One day, as he was observing the cells in his lab, Dr. Lipton had an epiphany. He realized that the human body is no different than the cells in his lab, that human beings are nothing more than skin-covered Petri dishes with a community of 50 trillion cells. Whether the cells are in our bodies or in the Petri dish doesn’t matter. When our cells get sick, the solution is often not drugs- it’s change the cellular environment. How?

By changing your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings from negative ones to positive ones, thereby changing the hormonal environment the cells bathe in…

How does knowing this change the way you think about your ability to heal? and about the kinds of thoughts that predominate your thought patterns on a daily basis? When you think that we have anything up to around 80,000 thoughts a day and that approximately 85% of those go unnoticed by us as habitual thought patterns, it could be time to become aware of our self talk and decide to change it toward healthier, more positive habits of thought.