100 Days of Success Steps: Day 9 – Vision it!

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Yes I know you will think we have already crossed this step off our list when we Dreamed it – however visioning is actually a different step, definitely linked to the dream but visioning it brings in so many other elements. Visioning your dream means you begin with the end in mind, and start to create your dream life or dream business from the inside out and from now all the way up to then.

ThisĀ  means knowing what you want to do and where you want to go and how you are going to get there and this is no small step in fact if you skip this step your dream may never come true. Visioning helps you create the steps and outcomes you need to take your business to infinity and beyond and visioning is what you do when you create your Foundation Marketing Fractal – the marketing portfolio in which your vision statements, mission statements, branding statements and marketing statements are all housed and from where you will come back to time and time again to keep your branding consistant over time and for inspiration for your marketing.

A huge part of this process is knowing what it is you want to create BEFORE you begin to create anything at all, so many people get into business by planning some logical steps after attending a seminar or workshop or doing a course, yet although they follow the system it seems to take them nowhere or they end up working much harder than they thought and have nowhere to go from there.

Visioning your business takes the guesswork out of it all, it means that you know only know how your business is going to start out, you know how and where it is going to end up. After all none of us want a business that requires that we work for the rest of our lives do we? Courses and workshops about the mechanics of doing business are only going to work for you when you know where your business is going and then you can do the courses that suit your plan.

Case in point, what if you decided to learn how to be a natural therapist because you had a passion for health, and you really enjoyed doing it, but after a while you realised that you are not feeling fulfilled and that you are working one on one just to pay the rent on the clinic? Now you may never get this feeling and if that is the case – great you have found your calling. However if you did get that feeling and had no plan on how to leverage that into something else you will be like me and have to start all over again.

Now of course it can be done, but if someone had given me the advice I am giving you right now, I might have not only had an exit strategy, I might have factored in something completely different and be doing that right now. This time I had learned my lesson and I already know where I am taking this business and how I am going to make that work, it is already factored into my business plan. I will not need that exit strategy as this business will take me where I want to go in time and I will be living that dream in just a while :).

Vision encapsulates all of this and more, so once you have the dream, now you can not only keep it alive you can actuate it via the action steps you have created to get there.

Live the dream and imagine the infinite possibilities,

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